The Greener Cleaner

GreenEarth Cleaning: If your clothes could talk they'd say "Ahhhhh". More than just an eco-friendly cleaning alternative, GreenEarth is a breath of fresh air for your clothes. Our pure liquid silicone process has zero emissions while being non-allergenic and non-irritating.We also introduced an eco-friendly alternative to a single use plastic with our innovative recyclable 3-1 garment bag.

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Free Pickup & Delivery

Dry Cleaning is one of those errands that you need to run twice just to get it done. We understand you live a busy life and we are here to make getting to the dry cleaners as easy as putting your clothes outside the door. Not only will we save you time, but think of the money you will save on gas alone. We offer complimentary pickup at your home or office in our surround areas. See map for details.

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VIP Express Program

Experience VIP treatment with our Express Service. You can drop your clothes off in your own personalized bag without waiting. Simply tell us when you want it back. It's as easy as that. This program is completely free for our customers with automatic billing. ___________ ______ _______ ________ _____ ________ _____ _______ ________ _

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Specialty Services

Protect your valuable investments with our latest advanced high-end purse cleaning and reconditioning service. In addition we also provide shoe cleaning and expert cobbler service. Each item is hand cleaned with non-toxic bio-degradable products. Our state of the art equipment, high quality materials, and expert hand craftsmanship ensure beautiful and long lasting results. Not just cleaned but restored.

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Why Choose Hollyway Cleaners?

We have built our neighborhood store based on our commitment to the community with quality convenience and trust. We have been a part of the Playa Vista community since 2005 and look forward to being a part of the Pacific Palisades community. Not only do we provide the community with quality cleaning services but we give back to the community as well. We cater to every range of clients from the working and busy professionals to the couture enthusiasts to the busy families. We even have a 24 hour drop box and pickup and delivery service that can fit the busiest of schedules.

Hollyway Cleaners service begins with a multi-level inspection of every garment

Check for stains, loose / broken buttons, fabric wear / loose threads.

Garment care instructions are carefully examined and adhered to all the manufacture specifications.

We pre-test fabric for color fastness and utilize protective measure for delicates, sequence, and fancy trimming.

We will pre-spot stains and then process the garments in our state of the art environmentally friendly machines.

We will hand finish every single garment by our expert finishers.

We will inspect the garment to ensure it meets our highest expectations of quality and finish.

We will package your garment using either our bio degradable plastic bags or our innovative Garmento reusable bag.

Platinum Shirt Service

A new and innovative way to get shirts clean

Hollyway Cleaners utilizes an exclusive Platinum Shirt Laundry Process. We guarantee you will get the whitest whites along with the most vivid colors. The finished detailing of crisp cuffs and collars conveys the professional look you want. The Platinum Process is specially formulated to work at lower water temperatures through the use of 14 high-tech enzymes, eliminating the need for harsh bleaches and abrasive alkalis that attack clothing fibers. Each shirt is pre treated for soils or stains as needed with particular attention to collar soils. This gentle process allows for enzymes to attack stains, not fibers, thus reducing the potential for shrinkage, graying and even fraying. Every single shirt is hand finished expertly with an iron. We will even replace out broken buttons free of charge. Let us help you keep your favorite shirts in your closet longer.